Blind Man Sees Wife And Baby For the Very First Time, He Says 2 Words And Everyone Cried

Gene Purdie, a resident of Denver, ColWe don’t ever mean to, but we all definitely take our eyesight for granted! We’ve never had to live a life without seeing the faces of our family, friends, and being able to take in all of the wonders of the world.

Unfortunately, some people don’t have that luxury. Though, for one blind man, Gene Purdie, that is about to change! orado, was born with Stargardt’s Disease.

However, he was only formally diagnosed when he was 16 years old.

Although he could see when he was younger, his eyesight has only steadily deteriorated as he got older. Gene has been diagnosed with a disorder called Stargardt’s disease – this condition only allows Gene to see the outline of things within a small range of sight. He’s never had the opportunity to see his wife’s gorgeous face, his son’s adorable little nose, and his parents’ radiating smiles! Gene has been subjected to a life of darkness, but all of this is going to change, with the help of Rachel Ray, who invited him and his family on her show!

Rachael provided Gene with a pair of eSight glasses (which provides those with severe vision impairments the ability to see things they’ve missed their whole lives) to try on. When Gene put on the eSight glasses, a gigantic smile covered his face and he instantly looked over to his wife! This significance moment is something he’ll never forget.

And of course, Rachael Ray has another surprise up her sleeve for Gene.

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